Sunday, October 30, 2016

Red, Abandonment, Favourite Scent, Sea Shells, Upside Down

30th October 2016

Day 25: Enjoyed writing these words : 5 days for the price of one - nearly there with the challenge - only two more to do


Evening comes sooner with clocks brought forward,
Bringing us home early - leaving the book signing
Carrying our treasure with authors scrawl inside cover.
Curtains close on autumnal sky , fiery red in the dusk,
Passionate with warm promises to look forward to .
But as we huddle together and step into a new adventure
Tomorrow dwells  as a hangman's  noose - waiting .
Not for us the joy of waking to a happy day,
Not for us the red sky's delight,
Not for us.
But for this short time we can be somewhere else
Push those pictures to another room in the mind
Forget for a while the scary memories as we make others.

Day 26:


The abandonment of her rich life brought some difficulties,
She didn't find it easy to stick to a budget,
Coffees out with friends were a thing of the past
Some days she dreamt of going home  to her parents
Like the prodigal son who thought better of his life.
But she had little Harry - he needed his dad
And she loved them both .
Maybe one day they would all be accepted.

Day 27:

Favourite Scent

She had been buried for over a year
I had hardly given her a thought for weeks
But that morning while hoovering her room,
Now used by the twins,
She came for a while in pictures of times past
I sat in the chair and closed my eyes
We were in her kitchen - making pastry,
Then in the garden collecting flowers
And off to the cinema to enjoy a film together
I open my eyes and the air is full of a sweet aroma,
Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden was always her favourite scent


Sea Shells

Pebbles stretch to left and right as far as you can see
Waves roll in with their lunar rhythm
You walk at the edge - a tightrope of of precision
Looking down - must not touch the water
Keeping sharp just on the knife, controlling,
You see-
Sea shells...
Sea shells clumped together in a pile on the pebbles
First you stop,
Then you look,
Then you sit
And cry

Day 29:

Upside Down

You thought you had everything under control,
All seemed well in your world
And you celebrated your birthday
With friends and cake and presents galore.
You didn't know it then but
That was the day
Your life was turned upside down

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