Friday, October 21, 2016

Nature's Calling

22nd October 2016

Nearly caught up now - Day 21 in the challenge.  Another acrostic:

Nature's Calling

Now is the time to think of the planet
Alter the way we use the goods of the earth
Take more care of the little things
Using up the leftovers, not throwing it away
Really making sure not to but too much
Even being a little frugal for the sake of the planet
Saving some money into the bargain for use on
Caring for people. There are
All sorts of ways that could make a difference
Leaving the car at home for instance and using those
Legs will make us all healthier and save on fuel
It's a small but effective change to make and say
Nature's calling us to help take more care- change toxic chemicals for eco friendly
Get more attentive - turn of the lights and use less water.


  1. those small changes we can all make can go a long way.
    Good to see you playing with a form too- I find that makes me stretch a bit- how about you?

  2. Glad to see you're almost caught up as we near the end of the month. Me too! I almost wished for a hint of climate change in your poem, but the lines remain a good reminder of what we can do just every day.


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