Monday, October 7, 2019

Tongue - Day 7

7th Oct 2019

Day 7  of the OctPoWriMo challenge . Tongue is the prompt for today 

       You Are 
     When you are gone I close my eyes,
I close my eyes and think of you.
My inmost substance sees you there,
Encounters your presence.   
You Are
the light that brightens my gloom.
When I think of you I cannot breathe,
Mysterious shivers cascade through me,
I tremble at your touch, am caught in your embrace,
A warm flame rests within my heart,
I want to stay,   
You Are
The place I want to be..
I taste your lips, wondrous sweet,
relish every morsel,
True delight, honey from the bee,   
You Are
the only  sustenance for me.
I hear your gentle voice, whispering words of love,
Words that I long to secrete somewhere in my memory,
to be retrieved at times like this,    
You Are
Music to my ears, the echo of my dreams,
Murmurings that comfort me.


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