Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Day 31 - Finding Peace

31st Oct 2019

Day 31 .

The last day.

The prompt, Finding Peace makes me think, ok, after today no more rushing to put some words on the blog for Octpowrimo, only peace.
 Of course  I will be doing other writing and hopefully continuing to post to my blog, but I won't be under constraint. I'm not saying I haven't enjoyed the last month. 
 On the contrary, I do love working to prompts and having deadlines, but only for so long. 
It's been good.
So until next year, here's my Day 31 for Octpowrimo 2019:

Finding Peace.

Come to Me, I will give you rest
He said
So, when weary, weighed down, burdened
by life
I close my eyes, relax, spend  time
with Him,
leave all those worries, those cares at
His feet,
Then find that I can live my day more
Free from anxiety, full of joy, held in Love,
with Him
at Peace
Exploring poetry in all its forms.


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