Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Day 16 - Our Father

16th Oct 2019

OK , so just past half way.
And I am flagging - a little ....
But no, I am not giving up 

Day 16 of the OctPoWriMo  2019 Challenge. Here goes

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

Our Father

Pears, a large bagful from the farm
not uniform enough for the shelf
 in the shop
left, after giving to those in need
and now we are offered  them.
This is how Our heavenly Father
Looks after us,
gives us our daily bread
or pears,
or curtains,
or coats for the children in a
harsh winter
Always He provides for us

And   an  Acrostic

My Dad

Fondly I think of you from time long ago
A walk by the river, hand in hand, we
Talked , or rather I chatted on
Happy to be with you , my Dad,
Ever after my hero, especially in the
Rough moments.

The nights you spent with me
Intent on helping me to find joy in the
Maths that I found, oh so hard, but you,
Exceptionally patient, never gave up on me.


  1. It sounds like your human father was a good role model to help you understand our Heavenly Father.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, Nima, I didn't appreciate it at the time. Now, of course it's too late.
      Thank you for your comment

  3. Sounds like you were blessed with a benevolent father.

    1. Yes, I was Jade, but only after he died did I realise what a treasure I had. I'm sad about that
      Thanks for your comment


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