Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Day 15 - Mother May I

15th Oct 2019

Day 15, of OctPoWriMo 2019

What a challenge this is. Nearly half way there. Will I make it ??? I don't know but I will try.
Prompt today - Mother May I ...

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

Mother May I

Mother may I sit with you 
like I used to do before
Listen to your warm soft voice
telling of days of yore

Drink some tea out of china cups
best that way you say
eat your brackbread spread with  butter
thick on top it lay

Mother may I tell you things that 
meant a lot to me
Things we never talked about and 
Now can never  be 

How hurt I was by all the times you 
criticized my life
how every time your hateful words cut 
through me like a knife

I know you thought yourself so kind
kindness was your thing
But for me and mine you always chose 
a meaner song to sing

And now you're gone and it's too late
to rectify the wrong
I wish I'd had the courage then,  to 
stand up tall and strong


  1. I'd say we had the same mother, although my mother is still alive. She's 80 years old now. To her credit, she's been trying to do a bit better. Truth be told, she has no idea what's going on in my life. I tend to keep things superficial between us.

    1. Bless you.
      I would just say stand up for yourself . You may gain more respect

  2. Don't we have so many memories in common? I can relate to each line of yours.

    1. Would love to hear some of your "mother" stories Sunita.
      Thanks for your truthful comment

  3. You know, I have the exact opposite feeling. I didn't appreciate my mother enough when she was alive. It annoyed me that she was so attentive and willing to help. I was devastated when she died, very suddenly, too young. Too late to say how she wasn't a pain, not really.

    1. Regret of a different colour then.
      Thanks for your comments Jane

  4. I'd like to believe that talking with your mother (or any other close relative) who uses comments 'like a knife', but sometimes standing tall means moving right along. Your poem suggests you persevered with a loving relationship in spite of constant criticism.

    1. You are right Beth. And, with my two sisters, w nursed her round the clock for a year before she died.
      Nothing improved

  5. Gram I am sorry you were hurt by your mom and feel some things needed to be said by you. And perhaps by her to you as well, like I'm sorry.

    1. Too late now Jade. She died more than three years ago


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