Saturday, October 26, 2019

Day 26 - What has been Unspoken

Day 26 of this OctPoWriMo challenge

26th Oct 2019

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

What has been Unspoken

A look will do, the shape of the smile,
Honest, inviting or squiring and vile.
A touch too, no need for words
Fingers talking, softness or swords.

The body arching closer or apart
Can say so much right from the start.
The reaching out of a hand to care
Tells more than an essay would ever dare.

The chill distance kept on coming home
Leads  a loved one to have a moan
In silence, for daring to voice the  fear
Brings the end closer, makes it more clear.

So be careful to communicate what you mean
Because the unspoken will always be seen


  1. Our silent language gives us away.

  2. Sometimes we don't want to see what your poem identifies so clearly. That rhyming pattern didn't distract me from the heart of your poem: seeing the unspoken.

    1. We don't always want to see, it's true.
      Thank you Beth


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