Sunday, October 6, 2019

Day 6 - Blue

6th Oct 2019

Day 6 of OctPoWrimo

A wet dreary day.

A Blue Day

The sun came out, bathing the mountains in a warm glow.
Mountains where my grandmother roamed as a child
Where, with her brothers and sisters she minded the cows
And where, when work was done they all ran wild

I look up and drink in the mist of my ancestors,
those many generations who stood on this spot before me
I imagine the women of our family,strong, hardworking
Caring for their loved ones, doing chores, drinking tea.

Above the house the sky a deep blue, like the Mediterranean
At odds with the country of the forty shades of green
But today just right for us to contemplate such wonder
I'll always remember this day and where  we've been


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