Sunday, October 20, 2019

Day 20 - The Transfiguration

20th Oct 2019

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The Transfiguration

It was strange that day.
He took just the three of us with Him,
Peter, James and myself,
Up the mountain to pray.
We chatted as we followed,
What did He mean some of us would 
Not taste death before seeing the
Kingdom of God.
At the top of the mountain
He stopped to pray
All of a sudden
His face, His clothes became white, luminous
Shining like the sun.
We'd never seen anything like it.
Our eyes fixed on Him
Two men appeared, prophets,
Talking to Him - Moses, Elijah.
We, ordinary men, just fell
fell to our knees
in the presence of God's Glory
Then Peter, excited, exuberant, spoke,
He wanted desperately to stay in this moment
Make three tents, he said.
At that moment a cloud came and covered us
The hairs of our heads stood up
A voice from the cloud.
"This is my Son, the chosen one,
Listen to Him"
We could not speak
Peace came over us

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  1. "We could not speak
    Peace came over us"

    Powerful. Amen!

  2. This transfigured me into that moment.

  3. Their is holiness in the mountains. I enjoyed reading this very much.

  4. I like the way you connect the poems to such profound images. Lovely.

  5. They may indeed have chatted on the way up the mountain, i can almost feel the silence as each is alone with his thoughts on the way down, so awestruck.

    1. Yes, they must have been a bit shaken to say the least. But I need to go with Jesus up the mountain and see for myself His Glory.


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