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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Day 23: 23rd  April, 23rd Poem

The prompt was to engage with nature in your own area. 


Wind, tides,
Built this body of
Stone upon stone
A new form
Wild ,craggy,
Boldly it looks out,
The horizon it's
Looked down on by the
Clock tower -
Ancient landmark.

                                           Now, springtime arrives
                                           Winds cease,
                                           Shapes warmed - calmed
                                           New season -
                                           Now they come,
                                           Bulldozer, tipper truck
                                           Excavator -
                                           Caterpillar tracks
                                           Up and down
                                           Mounds dug - moved
                                           Leveled,  flattened
                                                                                             Up - down
                                                                                             Past months
                                                                                             Ironed out
                                                                                             Up - down


Rommy said...

The visual format goes well this piece.

Marian Green said...

Thank you Rommy

vstefani said...

I agree with Rommy. "Tamed" - such a benign-sounding word our species uses to justify violence, making it sound so domestic, like "ironing," but this isn't a shirt or a tablecloth, is it? I love the contrast between that image and the wild beauty of the first stanza (well, I hate what humans do to it - but then, I think, so do you).

Other Mary said...

Aww - that's sort of sad.

Marian Green said...

It's sad but it does happen to us...

Natasa said...

I can see the bulldozer too. Your poems have a kind of breathlessness and urgency that I like.

Marian Green said...

Thank you for your comment Natasa
Breathlessness and urgency - I hadn't realised. Maybe it's that I cut out all words that I think are unnecessary .