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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby Rose Alphabet

Day 22:  22st April,  22nd poem

And going back a few days we had the prompt of the ABC alphabet poem:

Baby Rose

Causes us to have  a
Drink and
Everyone in the
Family loves her. I am her
Great grandma.
How she
Inspires me to
Jot down my poems. I want to
Kiss her, shout out
Loud and  say...
May you live a
Noble life full
Quiet and joyful little
Singing a soft
Tune to
Very sweetly
We won't need an
 Box to keep us entertained
You'll  always put us in the right


Ravyne said...

such a beautiful poem, Maz! I love the gentle nature of it. Blessings to your entire family!

Marian Green said...

Thanks Ravyne. I was a bit thrown with the constraint but I think it worked in the end.

PEG said...


jazzytower said...

Beautuful, for the lovely Rose.

vstefani said...

What a lovely baby, and what lovely sentiments!

Hayes Spencer said...

Very clever use of the form and such a sweet poem. If this is Baby Rose, she is beautiful as her name.

MrsSmeej said...

Baby Rose is fortunate to be born in to such a loving and talented family. She will adore this clever poem when she's older. Congratulations on many levels.

Marian Green said...

Thank you guys.