Friday, April 30, 2021

Haiku to end

 30th April 2021

    Because I have limited time, I end the 30 day challenge with NaPoWriMo with a simple Haiku. The form for a  Haiku is, traditionally, three lines of 5, 7 5, syllables. There are other aesthetic considerations which I haven't necessarily followed here. The form is enough today.

Coming to The End

Thirty days have passed,

the pilgrimage ends, yet new 

words call me onward  


  1. You did well to get through the 30 days, and i know you will not stop writing and i am glad of that.

    1. I did miss a couple of days. And I will definitely keep writing. I have some editing of my memoir to do, which will probably take a month or more. Also, a short story for a competition and , of course, I continue with my morning pages. So, probably not much on the blog for a while.

  2. Gram: Hello, it's Quiet Spirit. I had a few minutes to look at your blog. I love the poetry. I'll be back when I have more time.

  3. Hi, the last line you have written here 'yet new words call me onward.' remind me of receiving the Word of God daily - our daily manna.


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