Wednesday, August 18, 2021

I'm Back - Maybe...

 18th Aug 2021

I'm Back - Maybe...

Having not posted anything on my blog since 30th April, the last day of the Poem a Day in April challenge - is it really that long?- I was surprised to find that in July I had over 12,000 visits and this month already, with a little way  still to go, there are over 700.

How interesting to find that people are finding my blog when I'm not even pushing it. 

Total visits now stand at over 86,000. That's not bad, really, is it? 

Thank you to everyone who looks me up and reads my words. 

Today I'm here , on the blog that is, because I'm avoiding working on my memoir.  After a break of more than five weeks, I'm finding it excruciatingly difficult to get started again. 

So, this is writing, right? Giving those writerly muscles a workout - yes? I mean, I need it. I haven't even been doing my morning pages!! I know !! How can I even admit that!!

Why, you may ask, has there been such a long break? 

Well, mainly, it's because hubby and I have been in Cornwall. No, no, no, not touring in the camper. That would have been nice. No, we were with our daughter and her family. We helped them move to their new(?) house, with the idea that hubby would put in a new bathroom for them. Shouldn't take long, I thought, maybe a week, then we can have a bit of a holiday. No chance.

 Eventually, after nearly four weeks Peter and Son in Law finished said bathroom to  triumphant shouts of joy from the rest of us. I hadn't even washed my hair in all that time, or had a shower. I didn't mind too much. We are used to wild camping, after all.

I was kept busy all this time helping with "decorating" (code for stripping the wallpaper off the walls in the hallway-a mindblowingly slow process), cooking, entertaining the children and going for walks on beautiful beaches. 

Unfortunately, and the reason why I didn't write, they hadn't yet got internet at the house and even the phone signal was poor. So, not only didn't I write but I also didn't keep in touch with anyone by phone. 

But now we're home and hopefully I'm ready to go...


  1. Wow, that sounds like quite an adventure...and a great chapter for your book!!

  2. It's great to see you back, and i am sure your assistance was much appreciated. The only way to write is to write.

    1. Thanks Mimi. Lovely to see you are still there. And yes, you're right, the only way is just to do it. I know this of course but my brain and that damned imposter syndrome, won't let me at the moment.

  3. Bathrooms are never easy to do. Never. It's always something. I'm glad it's done and I'm glad you finally posted again.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

    1. Thank you Sandee. Sounds like you have experience xxx


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