Tuesday, April 20, 2021

My Life

 20th April 2021

Welcome to day 20 of NaPoWriMo. I have no clue what to write today.

 Something might come to me.

Ok, I'll just go with some words that came to me from todays Gospel reading:

John 6 : 30-35. One of my favourites.

                                           My Life

"I am the bread of life"

The people ask Jesus for a sign. 

Are we still asking for signs. 

Are there not enough,

in scripture,

in our daily lives,

 for us to ponder on, 

not enough to help us believe.

It's true isn't it , 

that for those who believe

no sign is needed,

 but for those without belief,

no sign is enough. 

Jesus tells them,

He is the bread of life.

To me that means

 He is my sustenance,

all I need. 

Jesus is everything 

I need,

my life. 


  1. Exactly. For those who do not want to believe, no proof is enough.

    1. Yes, Mimi, unfortunately you can't "talk" people into believing, it's a gift. We just have to pray for them to be given this precious gold..


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