Friday, April 9, 2021

Covid on Easter Sunday 2020

 9th April 2021

As it's the season of Easter I am reminded how I spent Easter Sunday Last year: 

From my journal:

12th  April 2020 - Easter Sunday.

I am stuck in the little bedroom, isolating from everyone. I've had a dry cough, a sore chest, an achy body for four days now.

Could it be Covid 19.

I don't feel too bad this morning but I'm following  advice, staying  in.

It's the second week since hubby's cancer op. He seems more settled and his meds are under control. 

Me? I'm exhausted. To be truthful, looking after him has been a 24 hour job. Managing his pain is the worst. But now,  I've abdicated my responsibilities.  My daughter is stepping in, not only with hubby's care, but, ironically, also mine, as well as doing all the cooking for the four of us living in the house.  

The way I  feel, I'm not bothered whether dinner gets cooked or not, or whether anybody eats or not. Those who know me will say "she must be really ill". 

We keep to the rules, None of us will go out for fourteen days. All of us find this the most difficult.  I'll miss my walks and going to the shops. We try to book supermarket delivery spots, but there's none to be had. Our son says he'll do it for us and drop off on his way home. This irritates me.  I don't trust anyone else to do my shopping. 

I'm hoping what I have doesn't progress and that dear hubby doesn't get it. He's suffered enough. 

Being Easter Sunday I "go to" Mass  at Haddenham Church. With all the churches closed, there's  are a lot online now. We get to choose where to go. Anywhere in the world - quite exciting.  Not the same as the real thing, of course and I can't wait for the churches to reopen. 

The tension is getting to us all, especially my son, who doesn't like being cooped up in the house with us. 

But hey, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I spend half an hour in the garden, social distancing, obviously.

It's boring staying in the bedroom by myself. An Easter aroma drifts up the stairs, tells me the lamb is cooking. through my nose I take a deep breath of memory, of mystery, of magic. Here comes dinner. I might try some, for the ritual, to be part of the uniting. 

Did anyone get Easter eggs? It doesn't seem to be important.

It's a strange Easter Sunday celebration.

Usually we see the rest of the family, but this year, it's just the four of us.


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