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Sunday, April 2, 2017

In The Garden

2nd April 2017

Day 2 of the poem a day in April .

In The Garden

Sitting in the garden 
coffee and birdsong bring peace
 to the soul while bones
 are warmed
rhythm of water trickling 
into pond sends ears tickling
leads the mind to meditation
a butterfly- red admiral maybe
whiffs past nose 
lands gently on Budleia 
pink and yellow tulips 
stand tall in front of her
giving homage
lavender also gives of itself 
an aroma - sweet - memories
of female ancestors
and we sit
just a bit longer.

1 comment :

  1. Most surely when you sit in the garden surrounded by such beauty and meditating upon family and life, you are kept company by the women in your family who have gone before you, and spent time in such quiet places to find their own moments of peace. I could picture you sitting there quietly, listening and observing. XOXO


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