Friday, March 13, 2020

Walk on Beach

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13th March 2020

Walk on the Beach

Blue turns to grey,
soft, sand, sifts
three miles suddenly six.
On distant horizon,
twin towers of
 long forgotten
Roman life.
Shells embedded
eons ago,
fossils too,
in rugged rock.
A dogfish, washed up
stranded, gasps for air,
take him back,
take him back,
back to where,
he can breathe, where
we can breathe
subtle mists of before

Image may contain: Marian Green, dog, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: Marian Green, outdoor and natureImage may contain: Mary Green, dog, mountain, outdoor and nature

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  1. I love 'Three miles suddenly six' great line.

  2. 😊 cute adventuring doggo!

    1. Thank you Sandi. Yes, he is soo cute. He's nearly five months now. He keeps us busy.
      Stay safe in these strange times.

  3. A lovely adventure! It doesn't take long to walk farther than you think when you are havind an adventure.

  4. I love the beach. I wish I lived closer to one. The ocean breeze just takes all my stress out to sea. I love it. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Rhonda. Yes, we are lucky to live close to the beach. It' is good for stress but so are lots of things. Have you tried a gratitude journal for instance.? Or meditation? Or living in the present moment and giving yourself up to it? Stay safe in these uncertain times.

  5. we love looking for spar along the river here.. Always a peaceful time of peace and enjoyment for our entire family
    thanks for visiting us at

  6. Vivid writing about a lovely experience.


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