Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Open Your Eyes.

10th March 2020

Secrets, hidden and buried, eventually find a way to the surface to damage anything in their  path.  "little white lies", they  do not exist. A lie is a lie. Sometimes it seems harder to tell the truth than to "save face" or "be kind" to someone. But it's never the way. Peace comes from living in truth. But first we have to know what the truth is and secondly to always be true to ourselves, our own deep being.

This is from a while ago.

Open Your Eyes

Do you  want to avert your eyes,
not look back.
Or hide under that  rose bush
forget the rack.

See, there is no darkness which
 can erase
those images which caused  your
mind to craze.

You, activate those neurons now,
open your eyes
turn, be brave, face the mirrors
of their lies.

Somewhere I go for peace and to be with God, in quiet.


  1. So true, a lie is a lie! Two things I don't like - liars and thieves! I like your poem! If you enjoy writing poems and short stories, check out my link parties (front page of my blog) and join in with me. I love writing, it exercises my brain!

    1. Thank you Dee. I enjoy writing poems and have many on my blog

  2. Lies will always be found out, one way or another. Even if no other person knows, we know, and it damages us inside.

    1. Yes, like you said it damages the person telling the lie as much if not more so than the one who is lied to, because it is a deed of intent. Good to catch up with you.


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