Friday, April 21, 2017

Question - SSS

21st April

I'm afraid I haven't done much writing on my blog lately .
I will be back soon.
I was at the  funeral today of our dear friend Fr Charles. He was a very busy apostle, making friends wherever he went. That was evident in how many people came to celebrate his life and pray for his soul.
He was chaplain of our little catholic school, giving of himself to the children, the staff and the parents without a care for himself. They all loved him dearly and wanted to be there for him.
So we had two services.
The first last night when the body was brought into the church  and when nearly all the staff turned up as well as many of the children and their families. Maybe about 250-300 altogether. It was such wonderful mass, full of joy and singing.
And then today for the requiem mass. Again a packed church- 300-400 people again. And again such joy. Fr Charles had chosen the hymns and readings . It was fabulous .I've rarely  seen anything like it.
As part of our parish lunch club team I was with a small group preparing food from 8.30 this morning, which we served to a huge crowd this afternoon, finishing about 5.50 pm.
We are exhausted, but happy.

And now, for the six sentence story challenge for this week:



  1. Your story succinctly reveals the hate that is being unleashed through political decisions and events.

  2. Excellent SSS story and one that needs to be said repeatedly to try to awaken the goodness and compassion in people.
    I'm glad that the service for your chaplain was so well attended and beautiful. It was nice that you were able to serve by preparing food for the crowd that attended.

  3. It sounds like Fr Charles passing was observed with love and devotion from the many lives he touched in his service to the church and the community. He will surely be missed. I know how hard you ladies worked to prepare food for the after mass lunch, and I know it was appreciated. You definitely did your exercise for today.

    Your story grabbed at my heart, because we know many individuals who are now facing this kind of persecution on city buses, in buildings, and on streets. It is so very wrong, so out of keeping with God's laws for how we should love and treat one another. I cheered as she found the courage to stand up and speak her piece, even though she was surely shaking. I am certain angels gathered round her to keep her safe. I hope at least one of those hoodlums went home that night and thought about her words and was ashamed of himself. Thank you for this timely reminder, Maz! XOXO

    S is for Sarah

  4. So much in this story. It is a story of our times and it is with a sad heart that it reminds me of all that is wrong in our world. I'm happy for the ultimate safety of your heroine in this story; I was very afraid for her (you). Prejudgment of anyone can have terrible consequences.

  5. There is indeed too much sadness in the world. As sad as a funeral and a friend's passing is, I also find it heartening to see a place filled with loved ones to see them off...beautiful.


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