Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Can't Help It

30th April  

Thought I'd just do the last day of napowrimo . The prompt : to write a poem about something that happens again and again...

I Can't Help it

It's only with the bathroom
The rest of the house I clean once a week
Or if it gets dirty and needs  it, a bit more often maybe,
But the bathroom I do every day

The changing of sheets I can leave for a fortnight,
And the oven gets done when it's grimy
Sometimes the food is baked on and crusty,
But the bathroom I do every day

Well no, that not quite true, I'll not lie
The bathroom I do at least ten times a day.
 It pops into my mind the moment I wake
And I have to get up there and then
Whether it's five or six or, if I'm lucky,
Nearer to seven - doesn't  matter when
I just have to get at it
It's a compulsion, you see.

I scrub and I spray and I polish
Till everything  gleams and I'm happy
Then, even when no one's been in it at all
And only an hour's gone by
I'm back and I start all over again
I can't resist though I try.


  1. This was so cleverly written, and the story made me laugh! I wish you lived next door, you'd be welcome to come and clean mine! I do love a shiny clean bathroom and kitchen, but I can't say as I work at it quite that hard. I'm thinking that with a bunch of kids in the house it started out being a practical necessity and just became a habit from there. A much better habit than some of the bad ones we get caught up in so easily! Next time I am cleaning and shining the bathroom, I'll surely think of you and smile! :-) Happy conclusion to the month of poems, I'm done with the A-Z today too, and on we go to other writing projects! XOXO

  2. Thanks Josie Two Shoes , but it's complete fiction. Just hobbled together with the prompt in mind . And yes, now on to new writing.

  3. I miss you here! Write something soon! XOXO


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