Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Studio

22nd April
A day behind but this is for a prompt from napowrimo - "Overheard Speech".

The Studio

No, the studio's great man - I've got it three days a week
And that's enough for you, enough time to fit in your,
you know, your creativity.
Yeah, I sit in the armchair and ponder,
I look at the canvas, then my eye sees the brush,
And then, I close my eyes.
And then you start painting?
Grief, no man, no painting, just sleeping, thinking and maybe,
Yeah, smoking, y'know, getting mellow, that's when it happens...
It happens?
Yeah, it happens...
What, what happens?
Well, I see things, things that will be my paintings
That's great. And then you start painting?
No , man, then I go home and have a bath and maybe,
maybe the next day I might remember something
And bring out a piece of paper
A small piece of paper,
And draw something.

how do you work

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  1. This made me smile, Maz, because creating is definitely a process, but I also think we tend to overthink it at times, putting more effort into the planning than the actual doing. My best writing tends to happen when it's totally off the cuff, when I just sit down with a fresh mind and a blank screen and put my fingers to the keys. If I plot and plan it often comes across as contrived. I believe the creating, be it words or painting or whatever, is already inside us, we just have to let it's expression surface. I found myself wondering if your character in this tale ever really gets much drawn, large or small. I hope so! :-)


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