Thursday, January 10, 2019


10th Jan 2019

Just a few words to match my mood this morning:

There is so much dark

Dark in the sky,
Dark in my mind
Dark in my soul
Dark in through the windows, through all windows

Dark back through years
Dark behind all the tears
Dark whilst standing in the sun
Dark whilst having so much fun

Where is the light to see by
Where is the light to show the way
Where is the light to reveal the joy
Hidden deep and locked away

He is the light, he helps us see
He is the light, he shows the way
He is the light , he reveals the joy
He can no longer be hidden away

Move dear soul so you can see
Move dear heart to find the way
Move dear child, reveal the joy
Move, hide no more, come into the day


  1. Dear Grams,
    So nice to meet you. I see this post and think that the darkness is necessary for the light to exist and get appreciated. May be they should co-exist. Just my thought :-)

  2. Some days it's hard to fight the dark, but He won't let it win.


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