Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Well Blessed

16th Jan 2019

Well Blessed - My Birthday

ImageYesterday was my birthday. I didn't realise the number I'd reached was a significant number.
So I was taken by surprise at the amount of attention it ( I ) was given.
From the first moment, when my thoughtful husband gave me my card and then a present. It's not something we normally do, giving each other presents, unless it's a special birthday, so I was delighted to get this unexpected gift - a small, portable, old- fashioned radio which I've been wanting for sometime. So useful, in the house, for taking with me to whichever room I'm in and also just right for taking with us on our jaunts in the camper. It's beautiful and a bit retro - I love it.

I did make myself a tasty breakfast. Quite often don't have breakfast , or maybe just a bowl of porridge, because, well, you know it's "good for you". I very rarely have anything cooked ( yes, I know technically,  porridge is cooked, but it sort of doesn't count) and I'd never had this  before although I'd wanted to try it for a some time:
Baked egg and avocado - delicious
 Image result for pictures of baked egg and avocado

Then the joy, walking into my writing group and being sung to by my lovely writer friends. If it wasn't for Facebook that probably wouldn't of happened. And it was a great session too.
After stretching my mind for a bit with character study,  home to pick more cards up from the mat . So many cards... and such a lot of well wishing.  I was a little overwhelmed .
In the afternoon a visit form a dear friend with flowers, chocolates, another card and stories ( that's the best bit).                                                                                                      

Eight grandchildren for lunch with their two mums . And again more cards homemade this time- love the homemade ones- and cake and the children brought a little game that we could all play with. Proper party style.

Then in the evening a visit from two sons - hugs and stories to share. And also during the evening,  phone calls from those other children who, with living further away didn't get to see me.

And finally a gorgeous Indian meal with a beautiful daughter. She helped us make wise choices  from the take away menu, which turned out to be just right. Oh, and with the meal a glass ( or was it two) of red ..
But it's not the things I got, which is neither her nor there - I'm not materialistic at all - it's the fact that people, especially my wonderful family think of me. I feel so appreciated.

I am truly well blessed . Don't know how come I deserve so much love.  xxx


  1. Wishing you many happy returns of the day! It sounds like your family and friends made this particular celebration very memorable.


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