Monday, November 30, 2015

The Crippled Woman

The Crippled Woman
  Lk: 13, 10-17

I'd heard of this rabbi, heard His words were life-changing,
I was eager to  be there, to hear Him for myself.
My cousins brought me that morning, after a good breakfast,
To the synagogue  -  It was the Sabbath.
Warmed by the sun we walked and discussed what
 He would be like.
Through the throng - jostled and pushed - there we were.
Eyes, accustomed to looking at the floor,
Now glimpsed, only for a moment, His manly features.
Suddenly His gaze held mine, frozen in time
He spoke, called me over
The crowd, quiet now, waited for Him to speak again,
Parted as I shuffled forward - dazed.
Holding His hands above me, a warmth ran through my blood,
Easing all feeling of pain,
He uttered,
"Woman, you are rid of your infirmity,"
As if in a dream I lifted myself up until I stood straight.
After eighteen years bent double, I was overjoyed.
I danced around, thanking Him and praising God.
It was all so unexpected.
I have told many people my story of that day when
I met Jesus in the synagogue.

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