Thursday, November 26, 2015


The poetry prompt for today was luxury. I couldn't think of much so just wrote something:

What is luxury?
Is it fine clothes, 
And upmarket cars,
Carpets with deep pile,
Soft underfoot? 
Is it eating out at a posh restaurant,
With jewels falling over a sumptuous table
While ordering the most expensive champagne,
(Which tastes no better than lemonade,  
By the way)?
Is it a sensational cruise around the world
On five star liner,
With people milling about 
Seeing to your every whim?
What a luxurious life that would be .
But no,
Luxury isn't any of that.
It is awakening to a brand new day,
And seeing the sun come up,
Getting out of bed on two good feet,
Walking to adventures you're ready to meet.
It is having family,
Friends, and other folk
Who make your life what it is
A luxury of parts.  

My husband is doing portraits to raise money for our little friend Ollie, who thinks it would be a luxury to be able to walk by himself  :

50 Portraits for Ollie.
This is a contemporary portrait 8x8 inches in acrylic of a little friend of mine Ollie . This is the first portrait in a series of fifty portraits that I aim to complete to help raise funds for Ollie to have an operation in America . This painting is from a picture that Ollies parent's sent me .The aim is that you send a photo of any portrait you wish to be painted - person, pets etc and I will paint an acrylic 8 x 8 painting on canvas board You donate £ 40.00 to Ollies fund for which you will receive your painting . This is a preview of the idea. We have to finalise the details I just want to get this out there. So please share.


  1. Lovely project for Ollie and a beautiful little painting as well. I enjoyed reading your poem. After the power went out here in Spokane, leaving 200,000 people in the dark for anywhere from 24 hours to over a week, I think luxury is a warm place to sleep!


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