Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Poor Widow

Playing with a biblical theme today. 
I enjoy looking at the women in the bible and imagining their story. 

The Poor Widow

With heart full of thankfulness,
Shawl gathered around bony shoulders,
Head bent and adorned with
black headdress-
I step out into the sun
And walk the three miles
To the Temple.
The dust of the road
Dry - hot
Catches in my throat
Irritates my feet.
But, today joy replaces fear.
Today, I give all - Everything,
Because I want to.
Two pennies...
Not a lot, you might say...
But for me there is nothing left
To give.
I drop them in the treasury,
Hear them fall ,
Jewels for my crown...
God has given to me first-


  1. Hello,

    Fabulous poem. It touched my heart. Often we find poor people are very generous and sometimes they part with their life savings. It may not be much but they give everything unlike rich people who announce their charity and see to it their deed is published in news papers and TV channels report about how much they gave and perhaps with a live interview. God surely watches these hypocrites.

    Best wishes

  2. Thanks Joseph. I do like to get involved in the stories of the people that Jesus met or told us about, especially the women. I must write more like this...


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