Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day Off

I Don't Want To Go To School

That feeling from the night before,
Which I was hoping would be gone,
Was to my great annoyance
With me still, and I was wrong.
So, I called to mum and said to her,
I can’t get up today,
I feel too ill to go to school,
In my duvet I will stay.
She said here have a tablet,
Maybe you’ll feel fine
And up you get out of that bed,
There’s not much time,
For you to get ready to get the bus,
Come on now,
Stop making a fuss.
But I couldn’t move at all from my bed,
As dizzy feelings swirled in my head.
But mum persisted so I sat up
And as I did, I got sick in the cup,
That mum had given me water in
And as mum wiped the sick from my chin
She decided the best place for me was my bed after all,
She left me there, where I slept until nightfall 

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