Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Wilderness / Silence

As a constraint and an adventure I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the poems that I wrote for the "A Poem A Day In April" challenge and respond to each one .  I will take an idea, phrase, word or picture from these poems and create a new perspective. I am looking forward to finding different ways to inspire fresh creativity. I will always leave the original poem on the same page of my blog so you can see if you can work out what I might have been thinking.

So, the first.....     6th Dec

The Wilderness

Busy, loud,  lives distract,
Hide empty spaces,
Where silence batters senses.
In that wilderness,
That desert,
Fearful ,
Off balance,
You meet the now.

And the one I wrote in April:

Day 1:  1st April, 1st poem.
My first poem for the challenge " A Poem a Day in April."

 Being Holy Week these few lines formed themselves:


Life -dark -red
drips from
gaping wounds,
drips from
Skin-slashed and torn.
Bent ,
unable to keep upright
Yet with peace,
Peace  beyond knowing
He is silent

Looking forward to getting on with the next one.

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  1. Well, this little poem was the beginning. The 1st April. So many words have appeared on the page since then. I remember thinking that I probably wouldn't finish the month and now I have only three days left. Amazing....


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