Saturday, March 28, 2015

Am I Being Clear - poem for slam

A poem I wrote tongue in cheek when my grandson came to live with us for a year.
I have performed it many times, receiving knowing nods and chuckles and huge applause.
Hope you like it:

Am I Being Clear

Am I being clear?
Things have changed around here,
Life was more peaceful, less stressful,
The three of us, Pottering about, Knew where we were.
Then you came to stay!
Didn’t realise I was so controlling,
But, three eggs for breakfast (with bacon, saved for the carbonara),
And after a large bowl of porridge and along with four slices of toast!
The budget doesn’t run to it!
Am I being clear?
Then we were told that when we were out,
The two of you , made dinner,
Used all the chicken breasts, and had a whole pizza,
Without a second thought - Too much at one time,
Am I being clear?
And the washing machine – it goes on at night-we save on the l‘ectric ,
And can you not be in the shower for more than twenty minutes?
Am I being clear?
And the towels and the toothpaste and the music…..
But heh, it’s lovely that you're here...

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