Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson

I have had a request to write about Jeremy Clarkson on my blog. I did say I would try to write on anything "within reason"!!! ???

My son is an avid fan of Top Gear, even watching episodes over again, so I do know who he is. However, writing about him is another matter.
He is in the public eye and for that reason is somebody that we cannot really know.
I wonder how many television personalities show their true selves in front of the camera.
Not many, I guess. Us mere mortals hardly throw any light on to who we really are.
One of my sons did performing arts and played many roles very well. He was in many productions, including Oklahoma and Les Miserables. When my daughter was getting married we decided to ask him to be the MC for the wedding reception, thinking he would be the obvious choice. How wrong we were. This boy who found it so easy to learn lines and perform amazing parts was terrified of speaking out at this family gathering. When I spoke to him about it he said it was easy to do the performing because he was being someone else but when he had to be him as himself he lost all confidence. I understood him perfectly.
So, as I only know Jeremy Clarkson from watching him in his "performance" on Top Gear, I hardly feel qualified to have any opinion of him whatsoever.
He does get to meet the most interesting people though, lucky thing.

What do others think????

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