Sunday, March 1, 2015

Going Out for Lunch

What a lovely morning it is. Bit, cold, but sun streaming through windows, warming everywhere it falls.
We took a small chicken out of the freezer yesterday with a view to asking our Grandson and Grandaughter-in-law to come and have dinner with us. We see them on Sunday mornings at church and usually have coffee with them after. We looked forward to having them round but...
This week , however, the grandson has an essay to finish so, much as they'd like to they won't come for dinner.
Ah, what to do with the chicken?
I know, I'll ask my daughter and her family. They'll polish it off and we haven't seen them for some time all together.
No, they have already got their plan, with son-in- law cooking, but would we like to go to them.
Well, there's a turn up for the weary.
A much better solution.
After offering the chicken and it being refused ( they've got everything, thank you) I put it in the fridge. I'll cook it tomorrow for youngest son. Maybe grandson can come tomorrow evening as well.
My plan of looking after the others and feeding them has backfired a little . I don't mind, though.
On the contrary, it's such a delight to go to the children now that they are all, well mostly all, settled in their own homes.

Our move has restarted and seems to be going forward.
More on this in later blogs.


  1. I love chicken because you never have to waste a bit of it. You can make chicken pie, chicken curry, chicken risotto or chicken stew, to name just a handful of dishes, from the leftovers. You can boil the carcase up for stock to make soups, stews or gravy... and you can feed your dog or your cat any leftover meat. Don't give them the cooked bones though, as they tend to splinter.

    Hope your move goes forward. I look forward to reading all about it.

    1. Yes, I agree, chicken is very versatile. I shall be glad when this moving business is over, Jacula, as we're living with packed boxes and uncertainty.


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