Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday . Were you there???

This is a personal reflection about being there at the events of The Passion.

Today at Holy Mass we heard about the Passion of the Lord, those last days that he was on earth from his jubilant entry into Jerusalem to his  crucifixion and death.
IAs I went over it again in my mind I found that I am, at different times,  all the people portrayed in the narrative:
One of the disciples going off to the village to find and prepare the room. What must they have talked about as they did what Jesus had told them. They would have joyfully been getting ready for the big feast and talking about how well Jesus was being received by the people.  They would not have realised what was about to be set in motion.
That still happens today. Jesus asks us to do something and we thing we know what the outcome will be, the best result , so to speak and we are full of joy following , being a disciple.
And then, at the last supper, with Jesus being so serious, which wouldn't necessarily have alerted them as it was a solemn celebration in the Jewish calendar.  But as I sit at table with Jesus and the apostles I feel that love that he has for me and know that these are very special moments. Often during Holy Mass I reflect on this love and my response to it.
I find myself, also, being Judas. Isn't it true that we can't understand what he did , this person who spent so much time with Jesus, betrays him. But he is all of us, well me anyway. Don't I find myself giving him up into the hands of the enemies of today, betraying love itself, my heart cold and far away from the fire of the Holy Spirit. What joy when I realise this and turn back again to my Jesus, ready to be like Peter, that faithful Apostle.
But wait a minute , Peter denied Jesus three times as he had been told he would.  But he came back and became the strength for the others. He had been afraid, I know the feeling. I too , out of fear, deny my love for Jesus. I just hope that as I come back again I get the courage that Peter eventually showed and persevere till the end.
Often I am sleepy like the  disciples were in the Garden of Gethsemeni when Jesus went to pray. Yes, sometimes it's difficult to keep my eyes open to the truth , impossible to pray and I spend a lot of time "sleeping". I need to wake up spiritually and accompany Jesus in his prayer to the Father, especially during this Holy Week.
I even identify myself as Pilate , washing my hands of the responsibility of know Jesus. But not for a long time and hopefully , never again.
Who I would like to identify with is Simon of Cyrene who helped, albeit reluctantly, Jesus to carry the cross. I am often reluctant too but like Simon, when I do take it up the cross is a joy . I just have to remember that to keep me taking it and carrying it along these pathways of our world.
Like Joseph of Aramathea and the women who went to the tomb, I would like to think I would care for the body of my Jesus in a loving and attentive way, generously giving time and means to do so. In my life firstly I think of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament who waits for us to come and spend some time with him. How much care do I take of this. And do I visit him often, being generous in giving my time . Also, it brings to mind that we are called to see Jesus in all who we meet. Am I loving and caring for others and their needs. And do I , hopefully, sometimes I do, go out of my way to look after those in need .
Am I just many personalities and do I have a problem or are we all capable of being all of these characters and more besides.
My resolution is to love more...more... more.... more... And hopefully not give up.

A really different blog for me today.
If you have read this far ...
Thanks so much and God Bless.

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