Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Woman Caught In Adultery

  I wrote this poem last year and have performed it a few times getting great feedback:
Woman Caught in Adultery
They drag me through rugged streets,
Men’s hands grip my arms,
Large fingers press into flesh –pale ,  bare
Their words wild, aggressive, accusing,  
Echo, in the chamber of my brain
While he is free,
I am going to die, Yet, I fear not the dying,
But the pain, how will I bear the pain.
Terror travels with blood through my veins
And he is free,
They throw me down, in the dirt, In front of a man,
My nose forced into the rough ground.
My Foetal shape makes no attempt to rise
The raging rogues  roar, ”she has to die , it is the law”
They get ready, reach for large stones,
 But he is free.
While the one man  sits  still,
Ponders, writes in the dust
Then,  lifts his head,
“ Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone”
His words fall like seeds into my aching heart.
One by one rocks thud into the earth. The mob, heads bent, Leave.
Left alone with Him,- I dare to raise myself up
His eyes encounter mine, His look warm , accepting,
He Knows me, all there is.
And me, I know that I,
I am free.


  1. Second time I said this today: 'Very touching'. Now I must shake this reverberating phrase out of minds ear! Guess I'll have to stop reading any more of your stuff today, else wise I weld these two tedious words forever to my lexicon...like a child who keeps repeating 'awesome'.

  2. Harold, thanks for finding my writing "touching". Many people have said the same. I'm really grateful you posted a comment. I don't get many, not on the blog itself anyway. Most come via facebook. While you were reading my blog, I was enjoying your story. Very interesting. I like what you said about being close to God in your work. I feel that sometimes myself.


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