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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A poem ...Getting Through

Getting Through

You pick your way through dim shadows,
Stumble over piles of debris- black bags-
Each new layer crushing, compounding,
Hiding sadness in cold, confused chaos- don’t think...
Step between battered suitcases
Hinting of pain, places in grey -  forget...
With lonely lethargy you upturn photos, lost in dust
Try to give some body, some connection- dismiss...
                                                                 Space- brown, size- muddy, time- fuzzy.
What?  How?  Why?
You notice,
you notice - for the first time
Sour air – heavy, oppressive- think...
You cough, make your way to the window
Fold by fold, hands shaking, you pull back the curtain - remember...
 A rainbow of light washes slowly through the room
Reveals belongings – unknown, long forgotten,
Hesitantly, deliberately, you push the window
You,  are still – accept...
A robin sings – you see him, red breasted, puffed,
Sitting on a branch just outside.
You drink green dawn, deep into purple lungs
A breeze - soft, silent -sweeps away cobwebs.
You’re here...
Lifting your head skywards
You watch a plane unzip the blue.


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