Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 12 Octpowrimo Imagination Stands In The Road

12th Oct 2017

Today I've take the prompt for the 12th Oct . See what you think. Looking out at the rain and the dull grey , It seems a good idea to imagine ....

Imagination Stands In The Road

She looks down the road
It curves,
disappears into dark trees
where maybe goblins live
and frolic with fairy friends. 
Or is there a secret, stone 
in the middle of the wood 
where lost leprechauns 
can find their way home.
She might follow that way.

She looks up the road
It leads 
on as far as the eye can see
long and straight
until it fades into the 
tall mountains
where maybe there are bears,
waterfalls and a winding trail
 that takes you  to the top 
 an adventure

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  1. I like the possibilities you make up, of all the things that could come from following this road. Beautifully penned.


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