Friday, November 4, 2016

November Cold

4th Nov 2016


At church this morning, when doing the sign of peace my friend said -"ooo , your hands are freezing." And they were, although the rest of me didn't feel  it. 

Yes, it's cold here in England but the sun is shining and my little  robin was singing his heart out this morning as usual, puffing out his little red breast as he entertained us. I look for him now in the mornings and leave the door ajar so I can hear his familiar tune. He has the same ritual every day, starting on the fence nearest the kitchen window then hopping along until he alights on Our Lady's  statue from where he rises to the top of the tree and for a good five minutes is star of his own show.

I'm off in a little while to get a few weeds up in the garden before the weather turns and I won't get out there again till the spring.  We only have a very small garden to worry about since downsizing but it still needs keeping on top of. The people before us left a bit of a wilderness so we have a fight on our hands with the weeds and I am determined not to let them win. 

The pond could also do with some de-vegging. We would then be able to see the four goldfish that are growing bigger every day but are not easily visible at the moment with all the green growth in their way.
And there could be more than four - it is possible.

I can't say that I look forward to the winter coming  with its days getting shorter and the cold getting colder And then there's the heavy heating bills - oh well, maybe I'll hibernate till March xxx

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  1. I well agree with you, I would be quite happy to hibernate in winter, or at least to never have to leave our cozy little house. And we live in West Texas where the winter is quite mild and snow happens only rarely. I was raised in South Dakota with brutal Midwest winters... so beautiful to look at out the window, but no fun at all when growing older and travelling on ice. Like you, my hands and feet are always cold in winter, and when I get chilled it takes forever to get warm again. Could we just fast-forward to Spring and a happy Spring song from your sweet little robin?


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