Friday, November 18, 2016

Story in Six Sentences / Light

19th Nov 2016

I'm going with a prompt today . It's to write a story in six sentences. The other constraint is to use the word light in each sentence . First time for everything. Here goes:

That morning we woke in the early hours, had a light breakfast of a cereal bar and a few gulps of water  packed our tent away and set off in the dark.
Walking by the light of our torch to avoid tripping on the uneven terrain we hoped to get the eighteen miles completed before the heat of the day made it impossible to go on.
 After an hour or so, with  only the sound of our movement breaking the silence, we passed through olive groves and vineyards and spotted a mysterious light coming from the old hermitage of Cuevas .
We thought it was a trick of the eyes until we realised that the cloud cover was thinning and the light was coning from the early morning moon  hitting something, maybe metallic, in the ancient church.
Wanting a short rest and  to have a look around we lifted our rucksacks off our backs and immediately felt light and free.
We set off again, putting our torch away because the soft yellow light of dawn was creeping up over  horizon.


  1. I am curious about where you got the prompts and challenge. This is my kind of challenge! I am here from In Other Words.
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

  2. This was a great Six Sentence Stories contribution, a wonderful first effort! I really enjoy writing for it. Make sure you link up your stories there each week so everyone there can find them and come read what you've written! You managed to fit "light" into your tale in more than one way, and I found myself thinking this would be a fun early morning adventure, though strange lights can be a bit unsettling in unfamiliar places!!


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