Wednesday, November 16, 2016


16th Nov
Following the prompts on the Poets on the Page web page
This weeks was :
Picture's Worth A Thousand Words , with the picture of the Statue of Liberty.

So in response:


Statue of Liberty - 4621961395.jpgPictures's Worth A Thousand Words:
Yes, but thankfully most've been said
A copper structure built by Gustave Eiffel
A gift from the people of France
She stands from ground to torch in her hand
Ninety three meters high
She stands for liberty, for strength , for freedom
The Goddess Libertas her icon
She stands tall - torch held skywards lighting
The way for all , or maybe just Americans
She stands bearing a tablet - no, not
The samsung variety- evoking the law
July 4th 1776 inscribed thereon.
She stands looking out across Manhatten
The broken chain at her feet unfettering
The people bound up
Where is the liberty now
Who will stand for the people
A choice between two - no choice

And the one from last week.
The prompt was music

8th Nov

The Music We Forgot   

It was not silent -their chatter was loud 
Like the rumble of thunder in a rain cloud.
But some thins was missing all was not right 
We'd forgotten the music, that extra delight.
Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole 
Romantic, moody, a bit of soul.

They didn't complain but it was made clear
That they would have liked to have more cheer
Music to lift the spirits up high
Music to lift our hearts to the sky,
Next time we'll remember 
That'll be December


  1. What wonderful words about the Statue of Liberty. I'm a NYer so I have a special attachment to her. I remember when we were able to climb up to the torch before they closed off access to it. What a climb!

    1. Thank you Elsie . I've never been to New York, but glad that you liked my words.

  2. I agree on the words regarding the Statue of Liberty! I have never been to NY but if I would ever get the chance I want to see her in person! Thank you also for visiting my page.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! Your tale of Liberty? really hit a chord with me, for sadly, I can only conclude as you do, no real choice at all. The lesser of two evils, the better of two clowns, which road will lead us more quickly into hell. I am fearful for our future, truly I am. This is not what our country once stood for!

  4. By the way, I did get to see the Statue of Liberty once, when I was 16. She was indeed a glorious lady to behold. I can't imagine the emotions of immigrants seeing her for the first time, such as my maternal grandmother who arrived here from Sweden at the age of seven!

  5. The statue is truly a site to see.not to be missed. A friend has old photos in is home that he has bequeathed to a NY museum of when she went up. Amazing photos of her arm , torch in hand in the middle of central park! Thanks for linking with six sentences! Ivy


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