Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pork Chop/ Stir Up Sunday

24th Nov

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The Kidney

I just fancy one of those pork chops.  You know the ones,  
 thick meat on  bone-  juicy - with  kidney still attached. 
Of course, they don't sell them like that any more 
something to do with cross contamination.  
I loved that chop with kidney and generous helping of apple sauce.
 Didn't the meat taste better in those days? Or is it  the passing 
of years, as in "nothing is the same these days." Well, it isn't!
My mouth drools remembering -
 fat around fleshy pork-crispy, crunchy, crackling.
Served with mashed potatoes-

so full of butter - the taste as good as cream

Stir Up Sunday

It was that time of year again,
Lined up on kitchen worktop twenty pudding bowls,  empty, waiting.
 On the white, worn, pine table, holding years of family history, the tin bath,
the one passed down from mum’s grandma, that she had from her own grandmother,
the one that mum’s dad and  grandfather were  bathed in once a week -  father first, 
the one classed as vintage  now, which made mum laugh
Five eager, powdery, faces peered into the old bath filled with a mixture
of fruit, flour, tallow, eggs, breadcrumbs,  brandy and stout,
not forgetting the secret ingredient, which only mum knew and wouldn’t tell,
a delicious  treat for Christmas day - dad’s favourite.
A yeasty, musty, malt aroma filled the kitchen like a brewery.
Five little wooden spoons took turns to stir
always from east to west -  the way of the kings - each time making a wish.
Five little children asked questions - mum told them the story
of  Stir Up Sunday

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  1. A delightful story of holiday preparation! If this is from a traditional activity, tell me more! Now you also have my mouth watering for the wonderful porkchops my mother used to make. Nothing ever tastes as good as mom's despite making it the exact same way. I think it had a lot to do with the love stirred into memories!


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