Thursday, December 24, 2015

No Peg ( Day 9)

No Peg

Looking back at this post from April made me laugh, bringing back memories of 
grandchildren finding me so funny. The joke about the peg kept them going for days.
 That was only six months ago, but  so much has happened in their lives since then that
 I wonder if they even remember that time.

When we visited them a few days ago they were off to London to sing Carols.

Well , we no longer need a peg for the oven, having moved house and bought a new 
one. Now I have two ovens, seven burners and not a peg in sight.
During these days of Christmas it will make a huge difference to the feeding of visitors
 who might come.
I'm sure there will be a few over the twelve days.

But there won't be turkey. Well not in my house . I have to say it's not a favourite with 
the family.  It's not bad, just not that great. We do love it , when days after Christmas 
we make a brilliant curry with the left overs, but as roast meat - no, not the best.

However, I am looking forward to eating turkey on Christmas day this year when we visit
 my parents for the day and my lovely sister will cook. I'm totally sure it will be 
the best ever.
A little bit of rambling today. Not much of the poet here...
Oh well,
A very Happy Christmas to all my faithful readers...

 Day 9: 9th April, 9th poem.

This is for Daniella, my grandaughter, who wanted me to write about the fact that we have to put a peg in the oven to wedge it closed. It's rather annoying, but it works. When we move, in May hopefully, we'll be able to get a new oven. It's a bit of a joke that caused some laughter at the table. So:

 The Peg in The Oven

 Feeding twelve with sausage and beans,
And I have to put a peg in the oven.
Not enough to feed all the teens,
As I have to put a peg in the oven.

Cake, banana, that Josh has baked ,
A large one to feed the hordes.
We'll all get a piece
one at least
And he had to put a peg in the oven.
Yes, he put the peg in the oven.

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