Saturday, December 5, 2015

Below Freezing

Below Freezing

Hats, coats, scarves, gloves -
Rushing past each other,
Heads down -
Breathing clouds into freezing air
On this  crisp November night.
Actively anticipating,  warm theatre.
"Come on, hurry...   Nearly there..."
Looking around,
At first, not noticing  - quickly passing him.
Stopping, turning
Eyes searching each other's
Thinking, Knowing, agreeing
And at once in that look
Deciding .
Hunching over in his blanket,
Hands and face red- weather worn,
Looking up, telling with his eyes, his story.
We could not pass.
We could not pass...

And then we saw a kiosk selling hot drinks and food,
And decided to get him something.
Coffee with sugar, that will help warm  him
And some chips as well, with salt and vinegar.
We tentatively approached - not knowing how we'd be received.
Bending down, meeting his eye we ask,
"Would you like a hot drink, we've brought you a coffee
with sugar, for energy, ( we rambled, nervously)."
He looked up and from within brought forth a love
And thankfulness in the blanket of his smile.
"Oh ladies, thank you so much, thank you, thank you..."
Words from the depth of his heart that found my heart .
He declined the chips very delicately,
Had some earlier from another kind passer by.
We left him then ...
Forever changed...

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