Monday, December 14, 2015

Day Five - Look Within

So, the fifth day...

Look Within

You may be confined, constrained, confused,
Shut in...
Even though you can walk where you will.
But  do not look to be freed 
As if some other can unlock 
The chains...
Instead, without fear search within, 
Deep inside, until you reach,
The core....
And there discover unknown worlds
That are your

Day 5: 5th day, 5th poem.
Easter Day

Out of the Darkness

We get up early, before the sun,
Bold, loving - striking out to where
We'd watched Joseph and Nicodemus.
Gather spices, fresh clothes,
Ointments to anoint His body
We walk together.
 Tears - a balm for the union of our sorrow.
Wailing we comfort each other with stories,
Personal, painful.
We ponder - who will roll the stone away?
And then,
The sun rises
Reaching the place, we stop.
Looking , without understanding ,
who has done this thing?
The tomb - empty.
Confused we stand.
Do not fear , they say.
Out of darkness - the Light ...He is Risen...
And joy ,  hope returns.
He is alive...
He is alive...
He is alive...

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