Friday, December 18, 2015

Evergreen - ( day 6)

Ok, just to say thank you to those who are reading my blog - 47 yesterday. It would be great to have a little feedback.. or suggestions , or just random comments...
So today I look at the 6th of my Poem a Day For April and respond....


Birds flocking round the feeder,
New seeds - Energy for warmth.
Though frost frames the evergreen,
Still they sing at dawn -
A tune  that drifts into the  sea
Of the great Unconscious,
Where time is not, nor space,
But only being.
The strawberries of summer
And the Holly Berry of winter,
Both still red ...
Both still....

Day 6: 6th day, 6th poem            


Weddings- strawberry cheesecakes,
 Degree ceremonies or new babies-
Strawberries and cream-
Special family times.
Today I sit at a large table
In the sunny conservatory
Surrounded by children
Adult now , parents some,
Animated - they debate together,
While grandchildren - cousins-
In brightly coloured dressing up clothes,
 Are busy, having adventures
In "foreign lands".
On the table strawberries, plump-red -
An aroma of sweet, fruity promise.
And a knife.
 My task : to cut strawberries into four-
 Lengthways-for dipping-In chocolate.
And others, to roughly chop
For Eton Mess - a longtime favourite.
Warm rays caressing my back
Brings to mind  misty memories.

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