Saturday, December 12, 2015

3 The Circle

My third response

The Circle

This winding road is actually a circle, 
From where you've come to where you're going,
Coming back always to the same place, 
Over and Over,
But changed.
And all the while another journey
Falling Into that deep universe, 
Slowly, slowly,
Where nothing changes

Day 3:
 3rd April 3rd poem.

Was inspired today by a walk along the coast . We took a path from the beach up a pretty winding staircase. Each turn gave a different, yet  interesting view which  made me reflect the path our lives take. Not sure I've done justice to it in this poem.

Go This Way

Go this way, by these winding steps,

                                    Up this steep slope.

                                                     Stop here, rest,

                                                                      Take in the view,

                                                                                     The castle - almost ruins

                                                                                                     Wealth mostly spent.

                                                                                     Carry on up, round another bend,

                                                              See the lake- shrouded in mist,  

                                               Past joys hidden.

            Struggle further, towards the summit,


                                                               The path narrows,

                                                                                Turn, see the valley

                                                                                            Deep, dark,

                                                                                  Lost moments of gloom.

                                                                                                 But now,

                                                                               Crawl on to the summit,

                                                       Lift yourself up,

                        Stand, breathe deep

     Look around,

                                      All before you takes shape

                                                             Holds together.

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