Saturday, April 16, 2016


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16th April. 2016.

Along with the robin, the blue tits, the many sparrows and the two collared doves, which are an absolute delight,  we now have goldfinches gracing us with their presence in the garden.  My husband says we need finer birdseed for them, to encourage them to keep coming. Of course, I'd love that.
And did you see the programme about the brain and how to keep it healthy, in particular to combat the onset of dementia. Apparently we need to eat lots of purple fruit and veg - they mentioned blueberries, red cabbage and aubergines. The study they did , also found that exercise, especially walking briskly for two one hour sessions a week can be enormously beneficial. It is just the motivation I need to get up and get going. So today I will go for a long , brisk walk. Oh, and maybe buy some red cabbage.


Let me explain about the thread,
No, actually
Let me explain about the many
The thread of my grandmothers tongue,
Falling from my mouth
On to baby birds
Those young ones waiting
To learn how to fly -
They look eagerly for wings
To flap,
To take to open skies.
They watch ones gone before,
Stretch the threads that hold them
A little further each time.
One by one
I cut them loose
They fly
Far from the nest
I fly too
Till finally
A last snip
And up
I go
Where nothing holds me down
There is soaring
And freedom
And new horizons
Waiting for me.
Until, I realise , I need to find
Another thread
To make sense of who I am,
To know where I might be going.
I will look now.
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  1. i love the idea of having threads and following them throughout your life as a kind of abstract and changeable path that connects you to your fate.

  2. Beautiful poem that resonates with spring and life-long threads we weave with every little choice. I liked the pictures as well, full of fantasy and flying, all connected to the everyday of birds. I haven't seen any finches yet for we're not allowed to have a bird feeder here, but they are lovely with those fat beaks for seeds. Keep walking and eating those purple foods!

  3. Thanks so much Beth for your comment.


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