Friday, April 15, 2016

15th April

15th April 2016

Looking back at my blog for this day last year, I see that it was a warm sunny day, very different to the one we've just had.
When I traveled  into Canterbury for the Writing for Wellbeing workshop , it was pouring with rain and I arrived a bit sodden, as did others.
I saw no white sails today, no ice creams, no children throwing stones into the sea.


Instead, shoppers hurrying
To get where they are going,
Out of the grey wet,
Hoods up, Heads down ,
Some carrying umbrellas.
Visiting students, standing in groups,
Trying to write on damp paper
The answers to "important"
School children, uncaring
Ambling, white shirts stuck to skin,
Ties waving,
A world of indifference.

What shall I  write about today?

Day 15: 15th April, 15th poem.

Yesterday, we went for a walk in the sun along the coast near our home.

White Sails

The sea a shimmering sheet of glitter,
Sails - white, pointing  skywards,
Formed like swallows returning
Home after the winter.
Watch-Children -
Throwing stones,
Ice creams dripping,
Screaming with delight as
they paddle in freezing water.
Watch -Couples- young,
Embraced  in happy dreams,
Caressed by warm rays..
Breathe in  North Sea health
And- Fish and chips.
Glorious summers day
In April

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  1. i love the way you paint scenery with selective images! each line is like a piece of the poem's puzzle whole, contributing equally to the overall image.


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