Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Response to "Hole in my Shoe"

26th April 2016

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to do the poem a day for April but have been unable to focus in the aftermath of the deaths of both my mother and father in the last couple of months.  I believe that  I will see them again and for that reason I am at peace, but emotional feelings overwhelm me along with a debilitating tiredness  and vagueness. 
Most days I would like to stay in bed and pull the covers up around my head and not move, not get up. I do get up and I do get on with life, I'm just saying what it is I feel like doing.

So here I am playing around on my blog.
Looking back at this day last year I find I've written a quick fun poem about a true situation. My shoe did actually have a hole in it. Since then I've inherited my mothers shoes - some of which I like and others I like less.  So I have enough for now. 

By the way, I threw those ones out, the ones with the hole in...

Day 26:  26th April, 26th Poem - 2015

I was just thinking about having nothing to write about and this just tumbled out.    So, for better or worse: 

Hole In My Shoe

Stuck for something to write about
I search on the web for a clue
And  finding nothing that interests me
I can only think of my shoe

There's been a hole for some time now
In the sole of my favourite pair
And buying  new being out of the question,
I'll have to do a repair

So what do I do, where do I start
It's all a mystery to me
I've got some glue, but not the right sort
Time for a cup of tea

I remember what grandma used to do
To make her shoes last longer
She took some card and put it inside
It made them that little bit stronger

For a while,
Till the rain got in


  1. I am sorry for your losses and happy for your memories.

    Excellent poem, like the blunt ending.

  2. I'm sorry for your losses. Beautiful memories....

  3. Thank you Tressa and Margret.
    Lovely to have your comments.


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