Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bacon and Cabbage

27th April 2016

Well , this day last year I wrote the poem "Hungry" for the poem a day challenge.
It's interesting looking back . Today, I'm going to talk about food. In particular Bacon and cabbage.

We had bacon and cabbage for dinner today, with
Potatoes and butter and creamy white sauce.
As the steam filled my kitchen I was momentarily  brought
To my grandmother's cottage in Thurles.
Nan in her apron waddles about the kitchen,
legs little sticks holding her round frame.

Black range cooker,  pots sitting on top
One with the bacon bubbling away-cabbage added later
Another with potatoes, always the floury kind.
Peat fire, bacon, oil from Casey's yard
I breath it in slowly.

As butter melts into my potatoes,
I remember my own mother too, making the ritual  meal
 "Kerrygold", the only buter for her.
The cabbage water she'd always save for dad
"That's where all the goodness is"

My bacon tastes of family-  history made
Future stories to come , for
Even the grandchildren look forward to,
Grandma's Bacon and Cabbage.

You can see we didn't go hungry today...

Day 27:  27th April, 27th Poem

We can be hungry in so many ways. I have not done justice to my original idea, but:
Oh, and by the way, notice that each line starts with H or F .. Any thoughts ???


How hungry suffers, he's
Hungry for food, but also
Hungry for a roof, for clothes to wear
For warmth, good health and friendship
For self esteem, for work,
For education, appreciation, he's
Hungry to be needed,  to belong,
Hungry for a smile, a touch, he's
Hungry for love, for the sun,  for the spirit,
Hungry to be free, to be normal,
Hungry for love.


  1. Love it! I remember your dad drinking the cabbage water. I also remember the tea dispenser on the wall. We used to love playing with it when we visited. You have inspired me to cook bacon and cabbage this weekend for a special treat, it's been a while :)

  2. OK, thank you for commenting on my blog but, who are you Woolly One ???? Nothing comes up on your blog...

  3. You've made me hungry and wishing I could have dinner with my grandparents.

  4. They are both beautiful and nostalgic. Family meals are so important and, yes, people can be hungry in different ways. I am sorry for your loss. When I am sad, I can't write either, so I know it is an effort.

  5. I just cook today Cabbage and Potatoes wondering the coincidence. Hmmm


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