Wednesday, January 27, 2016



Looking back at this poem it strikes me that :

We cannot mold a new heart of our own.
Without help,
The Love and Peace and Kindness,
Needed for a new heart may be as,
Elusive as,
"romance" or the "prime of life"
That we all waited for or,
Struggled towards...

So, let us work today,
With Power and
Love and,
Self Control.

We only have today...
Yesterday is gone,
Tomorrow may never come for us,
All we have is now.
Now to love .
Now to love,
To love more.
The only thing that is important is
To love...

Day 16:  16th April, 16th poem


I will take my  heart - broken,
Broken in jagged pieces,
Pieces that cut me away.
I will take my broken heart,
Melt and mix with,
Forgiveness and mercy
Add a little salt
Of the Spirit .
Till bitterness and hatred
Is no more.
With courage,
I'll mold a new heart,
A new heart -  full of
Love and kindness
And peace.
And peace...


  1. I love 'Elusive'. What a positive and heart warming sense of being. I'm in awe, Marian. I don't know how you express such emotion with just a few words. Like I said before - I enjoy reading poetry but I ain't got a clue how to make it work. Maybe give us a few tips. I'd love to at least write one reasonable poem in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Both writes have so much of Positiveness.. So true Live in this moment and enjoy it to the core.

  3. Thank you so much Nicola and Deepti. So happy you liked my words...


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