Sunday, January 17, 2016

Do You Know - Day 14

A response to the poem from April - Since You Left.

Do you know

Do you know that I think of you, remembering you
Talking to one sister, while carrying another,
Sharing secrets together and hopes for the future
Your voices leaving soft far away birdlike song
Drifting through my hours.

Do you know that I think of you, remembering you
Helping your mum with the dinner
Chatting on
What is the best way to make yorkshire pudding,
Ask Grams.

Do you know that I think of you, remembering you
Walking in the park,
Helping a smaller one throw
Bread for the ducks
Laughing when the bread
Lands at your feet

Do you know that I think of you, remembering you
Taking me proudly up to your room
To show me the dress you made for the ball
Your smile enfolding me
Into your dream
Do you know that I think of you,
Do you know  ...

Day 14: 14th April, 14th poem

Not being able to create a philosophical thought today I will just ponder on the quiet after the busy dance of the last week, which has been enormously enjoyable, albeit a little tiring.

Since You Left

House lonely - silence loud.
The shower - constant hum of running water,
Now stands quiet
The baby -early morning cries - a call to live.
Teenage girls spraying perfume- feint hints still  in air,
Talking - echoes of their laughter
Timeless ghosts embedded in walls.
Toddler - wandering, following,
Constant questions.
Table bursting , bubbling with chatter.
Singing boys and girls at kitchen sink- never ending dishes to clean.
Every room, every space  full,
Fridge tightly packed.
Empty now - all vast , all hollow.
Lonely house-loud silence


  1. Both these poems capture beautifully that joy from long ago -- and last week.The opening of "Do you know . . . " is especially evocative!

  2. Thank you so much Beth. I love to hear what you have to say. You are always so positive...


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